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10 Fantasy Football Writers You Should Read Every Week

Media is everywhere when it comes sports — almost too much. You see it on your phone, you see it on your Coke can, you’re wearing it, it’s on billboards, TV, radio. But how much of this media is going to help you win your fantasy league? None. It’s everywhere around you, yet none of it is useful when it comes to fantasy football.

My point: just because there is a lot of media, doesn’t mean it’s all useful media. It’s important to be selective in choosing the best media to consume, because there’s no way we can consume  it all. So, what is the best media when it comes to fantasy football, anyways? We all know consuming media is going to help you win your league, as long as it isn’t bad media –and there’s little of that.

I’m going to give you ten fantasy football writers who will more than do the job of the “fantasy football media” as you make important weekly fantasy decisions on a week-to-week basis. Simply, these are the writers I am reading (or trying to read) every single week.

10 Fantasy Football Writers to Read Weekly

J.J. Zachariason – Number Fire

I can sum up J.J. in one sentence: his idea of fantasy football is the unmatched, and he has numbers to prove it. Okay, so maybe “streaming” isn’t exactly “his” idea, but J.J. has made the concept — specifically with quarterbacks — very popular. Zachariason will be contributing weekly start/sit and “by the numbers” (his specialty) articles every week this year via Number Fire. On top of that, Zachariason will be running optimal daily fantasy lineups for the major daily sites using Number Fire’s algorithms. However, the daily lineups are for premium subscribers.

Zachariason also runs LateRoundQB.com, the home of Phil Culbertson, Ladd Davies, Chad Scott, and many others. That staff will be grinding out some great stuff, as they always do.

Shawn Siegele – Pro Football Focus

Siegele is the most underrated fantasy football mastermind on the planet. Like Zachariason, he’s a numbers guy (hence the PFF tag-line). He’s a lead writer for PFF, a contributor to RotoViz, and he manages his own site. Siegele — most notably — has been successful in his performance. In 2012, he cashed 23 of his 42 National Fantasy Football Championship teams. the proof is in the pudding: his work is outstanding. I’d recommend following him on Twitter for a collection of knowledge as well as links to his work.

Evan Silva – RotoWorld

While all of the RotoWorld staff is outstanding, Evan Silva tops the list. Every week, Silva extensively breaks down each and every game for that week. want an example? Check out his preview of Thursday’s NFL opener — the Denver Broncos taking on the Baltimore Ravens. He mentions every fantasy-relevant player and makes some well-educated guesses as to what the week will bring. The matchup column is a weekly read for me; the one piece that I must read every week.

Patrick Daugherty – RotoWorld

Daugherty is another fantastic RotoWorld writer who also does some baseball. During the football season, he will be bringing you the weekly “Waiver Wired” article, which doles out the best pickups of every week. That pickup article is truly unmatched. It’s my go-to on Tuesdays as I’m running down my leagues. Secondly, Daugherty writes RotoWorld’s weekly rankings.

Matthew Berry – ESPN

Berry is one of my favorite writers for one reason: he’s the most entertaining guy out there. When you’re reading his stuff, it’s not a drag — it’s fun and still enlightening. His 100 facts and Draft Day Manifesto are two of the offseason must-reads, but I’m checking out his Love/Hate every week. His brief but quirky intros are outstanding, and he’s always dropping knowledge.

C.D. Carter – Where doesn’t Denny write?


Buy C.D.’s book so he can feed his kid. Or maybe buy him some hair gel.

It’s hard to put into perspective quite how much C.D. does for the fantasy community because it’s hard to find all of it. His work is everywhere. Namely, Pro Football Focus, 4for4.com, TheFakeFootball, and XN Sports … and that is just his weekly content. You’ll also find Carter’s book — “How To Think Link a Fantasy Football Winner” — on your local e-book shelves, and you can hear his voice on the Late Round Quarterback Podcast, which is far-and-away my favorite out there. Plus, it supports the family (seen, right)

Basically, Denny loves streaming, so much of his content is going to be about — you guessed it — weekly streaming options. Yes, just what we all love: more numbers.

Davis Mattek – RotoViz

Hey, would you look at this — another numbers guy and our third RotoViz writer on this list. Like Carter, you will find his stuff scattered on about 17,654 websites and 28 newspapers. But most importantly, he’ll be doing weekly articles over at RotoViz, and his weekly rankings will be posted over on his site,  SportsWunderkind.com. Coleman Kelly also does some fantastic stuff on SportsWunderkind. Finally, Mattek will be posting daily plays for Draft Kings over on the new Fantasy Insiders.

Mattek doles out some of the best numbers around, and he knows how it applies to real football, as all of the writers at RotoViz do. Truly, every RotoViz writer deserves a spot on this list. They are my top fantasy football source without a second thought.

Jody Smith – Gridiron Experts

Smith is a quiet writer, but if I can catch his stuff over at Gridiron Experts, I am. During the season, Smith will be putting out a weekly sleepers article on top of the behind-the-scenes work he does for the site. It’s worth mentioning that Smith was the most accurate expert in 2012 according to FantasyPros, and that’s no small feat. Whatever he puts out, you should be reading.

Nick Mensio – RotoWorld

Add another “Roto” to the list. Mensio is one of the up-and-coming writers in the business. I highly recommend his Twitter because, frankly, he doesn’t have enough of a following. Nick does an absolutely fantastic job covering news and doing the Daily Dose for RotoWorld. During the season, he’ll be doing weekly sleepers articles. A nice complement to Evan Silva’s weekly matchup piece.

Matt Lane – FakePigskin

FakePigskin will be in full effect this year. While all of their writers are solid fantasy writers, I selected Matt from the group for a couple of reasons. Namely, he’s from England — and there’s a only few fantasy die-hards who can say that. Lane covers the NFC West and AFC West for the FakePigskin, as well as IDP work. I’m also a big fan of Richard Janvrin – who will be doing the weekly waiver wire pickups — and Asher Cuzron  — who will have the pleasure of putting out a weekly mailbag piece.

Let us know if you have some favorite fantasy football writers that you think other people should check out!

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