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Fantasy Football Recap and Preview: August 18 Edition

Week 2 of the preseason is over, other than the slightly under hyped “RGIII vs. Manziel” game tonight. As drafts approach, what did we learn in the past week and what do we have on tap?

Know Your Teams: Rich Hribar previewed every NFL team’s fantasy prospects in his XN Sports series.

If you prefer recapping teams in audio form, Cecil and Sig are in the middle of their annual Preseason Watch List in which they review “every skill position player” on every NFL team.

If you want a daily fantasy football primer, listen to last week’s 2 Mugs Podcast with Ryan Forbes, Rumford Johnny, and Davis Mattek to talk about their strategies from last year.

Last week, I covered best-ball and redraft fantasy leagues. This week we’ll get into dynasty leagues and auctions.

Jeff Miller of DLF joined me for some mustache/Norv Turner talk (not as scary as it sounds) as last week’s Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert. This week’s interview will be with Joe Pisapia, discussing his new book The Fantasy Football Black Book.

Tomorrow I’ll give you some options for fantasy football team names.

My local keeper league drafts this Saturday, so I’ll recap the action next week if I remember anything and the authorities don’t need to get involved.

Happy fantasy football, y’all.

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