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Fantasy Football Newsletters To Subscribe To

7 Fantasy Football Newsletters To Help You Win Your League

It’s six o’clock in the morning. Your alarm is buzzing incessantly. It’s time for work. But not before getting a head above your competition with some handy-dandy fantasy football newsletters. Those chumps at the office are not taking 15 minutes out of their early morning routine to stay in-tune on the latest around the fantasy football community.

Sure, anyone can keep up during the entire day, but let’s be real; that’s difficult at times. Newsletters gather the info into one place, and all in your inbox. With a mass of info sitting in your inbox, waiting for you in the morning, it’s simple. It takes a few minutes to get what you need.

It gives you an edge that others don’t have. That said, you should probably be using your time to the best ability. As in anything, some are better than others. That’s what we’re here for, to find the best ones.

Football Guys – Fantasy Football Newsletter

Football Guys has the best newsletter on the web, and there isn’t a close second. Everything you want in a newsletter, they have. Similar to Rotoworld, they find the news for you, but on top of putting it onto a rolling news feed, the bring it to their daily newsletter that will likely be in your inbox before the crack of dawn. Each newsletter contains 15-30 of the biggest stories from around the NFL every day, as well as an “Our View” portion, which houses the expert’s thoughts on said news. At the link above you can get an idea of the typical daily newsletter.

4for4 – Fantasy Football Newsletter

4for4 offers subscribers breaking news alerts, analysis, injury updates,  waiver wire updates, player rankings and much more. It’s all free and all it takes is an email. For paid subscribers, the email is free. Expect one of the best stats-packed newsletters out there form 4for4.Fantasy Football Newsletter

CBS Sports – Fantasy NFL, MLB, and NBA Newsletters

CBS Sports is very diverse and well run. Not only do they host two football newsletters — both news and fantasy football — but you can also opt into newsletters for the MLB, college football, college basketball, and the NBA. The fantasy football newsletter will bring you your typical fantasy football info on Tuesday and Friday.

FakePigskin’s Newsletter

Here you can sign up for the newsletter under the “FakePigskin.com 2013 Draft Guide” subtitle on the right sidebar. The newsletter will bring the site’s start/sit advice, waiver wire pick-ups, weekly articles, the site’s podcast, and much more. It’s all good stuff and the work Fake Pigskin is doing is nothing but good.

Bleacher Report’s Fantasy Football Newsletter

BR calls their newsletter the most popular fantasy football newsletter on the web. Regardless, BR has some big-name writers who pack a punch. Only the best stories make the newsletter and you’re getting a mass of info with this newsletter.

David Gonos’ Fantasy Newsletter

That’s right. Our very own David Gonos has his own fantasy football newsletter. It’s packed with fantasy nuggets, favorite fantasy links from across the web, and it features “excellent spelling and good grammar”. Well, with the good grammar, it sounds like a bargain for the low price of… nothing. A new newletter comes out between once a week and once a month.

We here at FantasySports.org also have a newsletter. Although it’s not fantasy football, you can use the mass of info here to improve your chances of winning your league. Be sure that you’re subscribed!

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