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More Interesting Fantasy Football League Names

More Interesting Fantasy Football League Names

Our first post about actual Fantasy Football league names was such a hit, that we wanted to update people on league names created since that post.

Yes, yes, we sell fantasy football draft board kits for serious/fun fantasy football leagues. What makes our draft boards so unique is that you can customize them. Some boards are up to 3′ x 6′ wide, so your league’s name is on display for all to see. Here are actual names of fantasy football league draft boards that have been ordered on our site in 2013.

Fantasy Football League Names  - Fantasy Football Draft Board Kit

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7 Cocks & A Hen Fantasy Football League

This is an 8 team league, so using my deductive skills, I’m guessing there is one female in the league.Fantasy Football League Names  - 7 Cocks & A Hen


Anita Champion League Fantasy Football League

This league needs a champion. I hope they find him/her.

Fantasy Football League Names - Anita Champion League

BeerBellys On Parade Fantasy Football League

We can forgive the spelling of “BeerBellys” beceause of the bizarre picture of actual beer guts on parade. Kudos for creativity.

Fantasy Football League Names - BeerBellys

Bistro33 Ballas Fantasy Football League

This one stood out as a nice coffee shop league draft. Loser has to pick up the tab for non-fat, skim milk, caramel mochiatto lattes with extra whip cream.

Fantasy Football League Names  - Bistro33

Chuck Norris’s Tripod Club Fantasy Football League

Because Chuck Norris is awesome.

Fantasy Football League Names  - chuck norris


Crystal Ridge Ladies League Fantasy Football League

We have to assume this an all female fantasy football league… that is serious enough to order their own draft board.

So awesome.

Fantasy Football League Names  - crystal ridge ladies league


Don’t Flatter Yourself Fantasy Football League

This board makes the list because of the location on the board, “Josh and Levin’s Disco.” Not sure where that is, but it seems pretty groovy.


Fantasy Football League Names - dont flatter yourself


Fantasy Union of Classy Kansans Fantasy Football League

This is such an awesome league name, and we’re pretty sure the draft is being held in a private country club.


Fantasy Football League Names  - fantasy union of classy kansan


Fantasy Zeteball Football League

“Show me the Barna! Show me the Barna!” …. we have NOOOOO clue what this means, but this sounds like a close league with lots of inside jokes…. and nerds. Lots of nerds.

Fantasy Football League Names  - fantasy zeteball


Goddard/Daugherty/Carr?Stumpf 2013-2014 Fantasy Football League

This is a textbook example of a typo. We fixed this before it went to the printer, but the question mark after Carr could have been devastating had we not have caught it.

Just a word of advice — always spell check your submissions for custom boards. We’ve fixed a bunch of “your” to “you’re” for slogans as well. We’re guessing those are SEC fans. :)


Fantasy Football League Names  - goddard doherthy


Mark Chmura’s Hot Tub Time Machine Fantasy Football League

Mark Chmura played Tight End for Green Bay and we can confirm he is not the person that ordered this board. So who knows the story behind this league, but it sounds like a fun league for some fantasy football.

Fantasy Football League Names - mark chmuras hot tub time machine


Midgets With Crew Cuts 2013 Fantasy Football League

There are no words for this fantasy football league name. No words.

Fantasy Football League Names  - midgets with crew cut


No Pansie League Fantasy Football League

This is a league where no nonsense is tolerated. All testosterone with lots of trash talking. The thin-skinned need not apply.

P.S. Only pansies spell it “pansy.”

Fantasy Football League Names  - no pansie league


Orange Peanut Fantasy Football League

This league is up on their pop culture. “Orange Peanut” refers to the viral Bad Lip Reading of NFL players, supposedly said by Adrian Peterson.

“Orange peanut… for me?”

This league has multiple members that are photoshop experts for entertainment. Guarantee it.

Fantasy Football League Names  - Orange Peanut

Shake Weight Fantasy Football League

Yes. 100% yes on the Shake Weight Fantasy Football League. How awesome would it be if the SWFFL was actually sponsored by the Shake Weight.

Fantasy Football League Names  - Shake Weight


Skorbored Fantasy Football League

The name is intentionally spelled wrong…. by players so smart that they spell things wrong for fun. Again, Fantasy Football is a game ruled by nerds, and the Skorbored league has a few.

Fantasy Football League Names  - SkorBored


Soggy Croutons Fantasy Football League

Soggy croutons are a polarized edible item. Our preference is soggy over crunchy — is that gross?

Also, we’re not sure who the motto is referring to on the draft board … might be an interesting story there.

Fantasy Football League Names  - soggy croutons



The League of Extra Ordinary Genitals Fantasy Football League

What an amazing league name…. Also amazing is that not just one Fantasy Football league has this as their league, but TWO separate leagues placed orders only hours apart.

Also popular for leagues… the use of the phrase “TD’s”.

Fantasy Football League Names  - the league of genitals

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