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10 Fantasy Football Forums Worth Checking Out

In the summer of 2010 I started writing. First, it was writing about the Tampa Bay Rays — my favorite baseball team — on my blog (which is no longer updated). Eventually, when football rolled around, I was writing about fantasy football, since I have been playing since 2003. At this time, I also started updating my Twitter account, tweeting under the name @TheFFAddict, with relevant football news and notes, which I still do today.

Why am I telling you this? Well, The Fantasy Football Guys forum was the kick-starter to my journalism career.

What I have done in journalism has already connected me with so many great people,not only in the fantasy industry, but professional journalists who I look up to and strive to take after every day. It’s also brought to my attention my passion — writing and reporting sports, it’s kept me busy and out of trouble in high school, and this passion of mine has led me to accumulate dozens of newspaper clips before I even head to college.

I owe so much of that to a football forum.

Alright, enough of me. While you may not get an experience I like have had on forums, especially TFFG, but, bottom line is, forums will make you smarter. Besides the point of “the more you know” that forums bring, they also bring varying view points all in one place that can be hard to find anywhere else.

Below is a quick recap of some of my favorite forums and quick recap of why I am a fan of such forums. Relatively, you’re going to get a similar experience on most of the following forums. Lots of football talk, lots of opinions, sometimes you will get into it, have a couple of laughs, but it’s all football.

The Fantasy Football Guys

For reasons seen above, TFFG tops out on my football forum rankings. The community it close. There’s always a laugh or two to be had. The people really care about each other, but still know how to joke. Plus, Lyle Konkiel and Kevin Moore do this cool thing called a podcast. It’s a light-hearted show with some typically against-the-grain rankings and thoughts. A must-listen for me.

Top 10 Fantasy Football Forums

Football Guys

The football genius of the football guys spreads throughout the forum. These are football-smart people who know their stuff, probably the smartest out there, football-wise. There’s always a new idea being discussed here and there, maybe one you’ve never heard before.


This is the most in-depth forum out there. Also informed by the mass of content that the site produces, the posters here have a wide variety of topics to post on. Dynasty discussion, lineup advice, re-draft advice, IDP advice, leagues looking for owners, owners looking for leagues, NCAA analysis — anything you want is here. The following is a great dynasty source as well, but this forum is my go-to.


Very similar to DLF, DFW packs the dynasty advice and has their members very informed with their mass of quality content. One thing going to DFW, as a forum consumer, you don’t like a mass of people posting. DFW doesn’t have that, so it’s much easier to consume than DLF.


RW forums can be a bit hard to navigate if you’re looking for only football because it houses all sports. But once you find your way, there are a lot of intelligent minds and the boards are always flowing with plenty of posts all throughout the day.

The Huddle

With over 24,000 members and 3,000,000 posts, this forum has a lot of knowledge and a lot of posters, but it’s also easy to stay on top of.

Fantasy Sharks

Another solid forum here. Really like what they have going in “The Main Tank” sub-forum. Plenty of preseason talk to go around.


A lot of fantasy football sites are posting their links here, so, as well as being a sub-reddit, it’s not a fantasy football analysis aggregator. I use Reddit mostly to answer questions on Sunday mornings, helping out the masses with lineups. As always on Reddit, it’s a good time on this “forum”.

Fantasy Football Cafe

Just about everything you could ask for in a fantasy football forum here. Excellent source and a lot of activity. Forums for other sports are also available.


I’m a big fan of the “Find a league, fill a league” sub-forum here. Every site should have one of these. It’s awesome that managers can seek out owners and owners  can seek out needed owners without having to beg that guy in the office.

Got any Fantasy Football Forums that I missed? Comment below and let us know!

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