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DraftKings Buys StarStreet

DraftKings keeps gobbling up competitors like Ms. Pac-Man gobbling up pellets. This week’s announcement about their purchase of StarStreet adds another site to their portfolio of daily offerings.

Maybe DraftKings just wants to buy any daily fantasy site that has the name “street” in it. The July purchase of DraftStreet may have set off more ripples in the industry, but this latest purchase is another sign that the DFS monster has big plans for 2014 and beyond.

If you’re a StarStreet player and want to know how to transfer your funds (bonuses are offered, like in the DraftStreet purchase), there’s an FAQ for that.

A recent influx of $41 million in funding, not real money to Alex Smith but a big sum to the rest of us, helped in the purchase and will allow DraftKings to up their ante on contests this fall.

What does that mean? Well, for one, the TechCrunch.com article promises four $1 million monthly prizes during this year’s NFL season. There’s going to be a King of the Beach event held at the Atlantis resort in December in which 50 winners will get a shot to win $1 million. Sound fun? Well, get yourself to the site and play. I like the way DK adds the element of “bring along your long-suffering spouse” to the tournament.

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There’s actually a baseball version of the King of the Beach tournament going on this evening, check out the link to see how it’s going. Our own David Kitchen is in attendance.

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