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Daily Fantasy Results – 2-22-13

Here are the daily results from last night on DraftKings, DraftDay, and DraftStreet.

You can view each by selecting their tabs in the spreadsheet.


Big time value guys include:

  • Bernard James – the Hornets are bad against big men. James had SEVEN blocks in 15 minutes, which contributed greatly to his value.
  • Carlos Delfino – The Rockets traded away two big men and their incoming players won’t see the floor until early next week. That means Delfino has been getting a lot of minutes. Unlike Wednesday, CD made the most of his opportunity last night.
  • Greg Stiemsma – TWolves’ big man Pekovic had an off night, and that is an understatement. Stiems got hot and the TWolves gave him more minutes that he normally will see.
  • Jeff Green – Kevin Garnett was sat out due to rest, and Green went HAM. Many of his shots were outside the paint though. As long as his salary doesn’t increase tremendously, look for more value out of Jeff Green.
  • E’Twaun Moore – no Jameer last night, so ETwaun was the only PG. He had a nice 4th quarter and the volume of minutes alone made him a valuable play.
  • Isaiah Thomas – He went against the Hawks, who have been absolutely terrible defending opposing point guards.
  • Moe Harkless – As with Moore, Harkless saw a lot of minutes with only seven healthy Magic bodies. Unlike Moore, Harkless has real talent. With the recent Magic trade, look for Harkless to continue to see the majority of minutes at the SF position.
  • Orlando Johnson – the Pacers torched the Pistons last night. This value is attributed to Johnson’s hot shooting in the 1st half and garbage time in the 2nd half.
  • DeShawn Stevenson – Call it a fluke. DS had five 3′s in 34 minutes for the Hawks. That won’t be duplicated again this season.

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