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Reggie Jackson is a solid daily nba fantasy value play.
Reggie Jackson is a solid daily nba fantasy value play.

Daily Fantasy Pulse – 3-7

Yesterday’s Studs

Kobe Bryant, Guard- After banging his funny bone against the Thunder, Kobe returned to fine form, putting up 42 points on the soon to be Pelicans. When Kobe has a bad opponent, this is what you can expect.

Blake Griffin, Forward- But all he does is dunk! Blake Griffin is one of the most misunderstood players in the league, which lead many to be surprised by his 23 point, 11 board, 11 assists night against the Bucks.

Omer Asik, Center- At least one at least one of the Houston players was bound to come up big. Who know it wasn’t going to be Harden or Lin, but instead the big and lumbering Asik. Omer scored 4 buckets on 5 shots and grabbed 15 boards.

Yesterday’s Values

Ed Davis, C/F- Almost everyone played in all of my games, and boy, did he disappoint. After gaining must play status, Davis responded with 3 points and 6 boards. Pathetic.

Enes Kanter, Center- If Kanter is going to get more than 20 minutes. He has simply been an absolute revelation the last week. Coming off the bench, Kanter scored 17 points, grabbed 7 boards and blocked a shot.

Reggie Jackson is a bottom of the barrel value play for the night.

Today’s Plays

Point Guard

1. Russell Westbrook- Light schedule. National Television. Matchup against a slower, fatter Raymond Felton. Russ has another 35-10 game lurking in him.

2. Ty Lawson- I like Lawson more than Paul tonight, mostly due to their relative price and likely outcomes.

3. Chris Paul- More expensive than Lawson, but similar upside due to the Clippers and Nugget’s style of play resulting in a total track meet.

Value Play: Reggie Jackson is the cheapest back-up of all 4 teams that are playing and is playing around 15 very solid minutes per game.

Shooting Guard

1. Andre Iguodala- Shooting guard is an UGLY proposition tonight. Iggy won’t be starting for any of my teams, but will probably score the most points at the positon.

2. Wilson Chandler- Chandler, however, will appear in a few of my lineups on sites where he is reasonably priced.

3. Kevin Martin- Cheaper than Thabo Sefolosha, and has a good game lurking in there somewhere. I am skimping on shooting guard tonight, and selecting Martin is a way to do this.

Value Play: Iman Shumpert, whose gained a new nickname last night from myself and Dan Devine “Shump-Up”.  Near minimum prices and with ‘Melo out, will get more run.

Small Forward

1. Kevin Durant- It is hard for me to imagine a scenario where you win a GPP or a H2H without Durant in your lineup tonight.

2. J.R Smith-Melo sits, J.R shoots 20 times. This is a natural cycle of life, and one that you should certainly be comfortable with.

3. Matt Barnes- After Barnes, small forward gets ugly real quick. A safe play who will get his normal run and get you around 20 fantasy points.

Value Play: Steve Novak, only if you are feeling lucky. The Knicks have a history of getting hot on these national TV games, and that normally involves Novak banging home at least 5 3′s.

Power Forward

1. Blake Griffin- The only elite play available tonight, Blake is going to take Kenneth Faried to school and remind him that he has a way to go.

2. Kenneth Faried- I’m an Oklahoma City fan. I know that Serge Ibaka is never worth how much these sites want us to pay for him. Faried is the better option for the night.

3. Serge Ibaka- Don’t play him unless you have too, for whatever reason. He just isn’t involved enough in the offense to provide consistent value.

Value Play: Lamar Odom, in matchup of skilled backup bigs, will be able to use his intelligence against Pierre McGee.


1. Tyson Chandler- Kendrick Perkins can’t contain Tyson Chandler. Serge Ibaka isn’t smart enough to guard him 100% of the time. Nick Collison is too small to be assigned with Chandler. Value out the ass.

2. Kosta Koufos- I imagine Karl play Kosta more minutes than McGee when Jordan is on the floor and Kosta will also defend Blake much better, given his superior understanding of a defensive scheme.

3. DeAndre Jordan- Center always sucks and tonight it does so especially hard. Jordan will get a chance to run a track meet against Denver and that could result in a 5 for 5 (all dunks) and 10 rebound game.

Value Play: I really like Nick Collison tonight. I feel like he gets some minutes at the 4, or at the 5 when Tyson Chandler isn’t on the floor and hits a couple jumpers when Russ is matched up against Shumpert.

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