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Don't get the pipe, start J.R Smith.
Don't get the pipe, start J.R Smith.

Daily Fantasy Pulse – 3-6

Yesterday’s Studs

Kevin Durant, Forward: 26 points, 9 boards, 5 assists. That is the sort of game you can expect from Durant night in, night out. He lit up Earl Clark and Metta World Peace in a predictably high scoring game.

Russell Westbrook, Guard: If Durant was good, then Russ was great. He completely annihilated an out-gunned Lakers squad on the way to 37 points, 10 boards and 5 assists.

Kenneth Faried: Easily the best game of the mid-tier guys yesterday, Faried out-energized the lethargic Kings squad. Against DeMarcus Cousins and the other 7 power forwards on the Kings roster, Faried hit 9 of his 15 shots for 19 points as well as grabbing 12 boards.

Yesterday’s Values

Avery Bradley, Guard: Ride this wave until the sites wise up and raise his price. On nights where selections are limited, Avery is always good for at least 20 points and contributes to keeping a baseline of production.

Royal Ivery, Guard: As bad the Sixer’s are, there are still points to be had. Ivey did nothing well, scoring 10 points, dishing out 3 assists and grabbing 2 boards, but at a bare minimum cost, he exceeded value.

If Carmelo doesn’t play, start J.R and give your opponents the pipe.

Today’s Plays

Point Guards

1. Monta Ellis- Riding this train until the wheels fall off. As long as he gets to shoot as much as he does, and initiative the offense, Ellis is going to be a superstar fantasy player.

2. John Wall- Relative to cost, there is not a better play on any site. Wall draws the pathetic Minnesota Timberwolves, ensuring basketball success. Rubio might be a solid defender, but the Wolves are just too depleted to hope to stop Wall. Additionally, if Bradley Beal sits, Wall will pick up a few extra shots.

3. Raymond Felton- Still excessively cheap after returning from injury, Felton will be able to have his way with the slower and smaller Jose Calderon, while gaining a few extra shots from the Carmelo injury.

Value Play: Isaiah Thomas is way, way, way cheaper than he should be. Golden State’s defense is one of the worst in the league, and Thomas is a good basketball player.

Shooting Guard

1. James Harden- Still very expensive, but not as capped out as Lebron James and Steph Curry. Vegas sharps expect Dallas-Houston to be a high scoring game, and Harden will be a reason for that.

2. O.J Mayo- Somebody besides Dirk has to go shot for shot with Harden. Mayo has played well against Houston before, as well.

3. Gordon Hayward- Facing an already terrible Cleveland team without 2 of it’s starters, expect Hayward to handle point forward duties, and to do it well.

Value Play: With Dion Waiters out, C.J Miles will be in for increased minutes at a rock-bottom prices and will out produce Wayne Ellington, who is the Cavs’ other shooting guard option.

Small Forward

1. J.R Smith- If Carmelo Anthony doesn’t go, play J.R Smith. Just do it. He is already a solid play, but with 35+ minutes, anyone who doesn’t play him will miss out.

2. Chandler Parsons- Last time out, Parsons drained 6 of 7 three point shots. If you haven’t gotten the idea, stack your Mavs and Rockets.

3. Kawhi Leonard- Against the Bulls, the Spurs are going to have to work extra hard to get their buckets. Leonard is great on hustle plays and capitalizes on mistakes better than anyone else on the team.

Value Play: Jimmy Butler, on the other hand, has seen a recent uptick in minutes and is playing really solid basketball at a very low price.

Power Forward

1. Al Horford- Spencer Hawes. Lavoy Allen. These two men have the task of getting Horford off the heater of his entire career. I do not like their odds.

2. Ed Davis- Value play be damned, with Zach Randolph and Darrel Arthur out, Ed Davis is close to Play Of The Night.

3. Donatas Montiejunas- Dallas. Houston. Points. Donuts. Cheap. There is a more in depth explanation, involving Dallas’ poor defense, Montiejunas’ passing prowess, and a high point spread, but I prefer the first way.

Value Play: Jeff Green draws a physical matchup with Indiana, but is priced so low that it won’t matter.


1. DeMarcus Cousins- The same warning of danger each time Cousins steps onto the court applies, but David Lee ain’t stopping Cousins.

2. Brook Lopez- Playing an All-Star center against the hapless Bobcats? Cash money.

3. Derek Favors- With Al Jefferson expected to sit another game, Favors will most likely get the start, and will certainly produce.

Value Play: Andrea Bargnani has been playing heavy minutes for the Raptors. Despite the world’s hatred for him, Bargs is a decent play for almost no money.


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