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Kendrick Perkins? Daily NBA Fantasy? Apparently, the two things do go together.
Kendrick Perkins? Daily NBA Fantasy? Apparently, the two things do go together.

Daily Fantasy Pulse – 3-5

Yesterday’s Studs

Monta Ellis, Point Guard: Monta Ellis have it all! Playing an insane amount of minutes every night, Monta is just destroying opposing teams in a variety of ways that garners fantasy points. I’ll be riding him until he posts a total clunker.

David Lee, Center: As expected, Lee tore up the Raptors poor front line to the tune of 29 points, 11 boards and 5 assists. When the Warriors play a bad defensive team, Lee is an absolutely excellent play.

Dwayne Wade, Guard: With Lebron suffering from an ailing knee, Wade came to play against what might be the saddest team in the NBA at the moment. J.J Barea, Ricky Rubio and Alexy Shved had no chance of stopping Wade on his way to 32 points, 10 assists and 7 rebounds.

Yesterday’s Values

Andre Miller, Guard: I had believed that Miller would get plenty of run and take advantage of the generally poor defense that the Hawks on guards. Miller instead responding with 4 points on 4 shots and 9 assists, which isn’t great, but came close to meeting value.

Marresse Speights, Center: This value pick, which became  a value when it was announced that Tyler Zeller would not be playing, was a home run. Speights posted 23 points and 8 boards at a dirt cheap cost.

Today’s Plays

Point Guard

1. Russell Westbrook- No one is stopping Russell on the offensive end right now, especially the Steve twins, Nash and Blake, whose 40 times look like microwave instructions for a Hot Pocket.

2. Ty Lawson- Lawson has remained as consistent as they come. Tonight, against a terrible Sacramento team, Lawson will accomplish his business quickly and efficiently. 

3. Avery Bradley- Still available for cheap prices, still a solid bet for 20 points a night. The Philadelphia team he draws as a matchup are playing particularly terrible basketball at the moment and Bradley should benefit.

Value Play: Jordan Crawford has the opportunity to get 30ish minutes tonight in a blow out. I won’t be playing him, but if you spend somewhere else, there are worse options than Crawford.

Shooting Guard

1. Kobe Bryant- If you don’t think Kobe isn’t going to try to single handedly beat the Thunder, you don’t know Kobe Bean Bryant. On sites that don’t punish misses, he is the #1 play for the night.

2. Wilson Chandler- It would appear that for the moment, Chandler has replaced some of Danillo Gallinari’s rotation minutes and Karl’s permission to shoot.

3. Evan Turner- Playing absolutely out his mind, I like his ability to break Paul Pierce down in the post or beat Courtney Lee or Jason Terry off the dribble.

Value Play: Kevin Martin is explicitly cheap on all the major sites, and as an OKC fan I understand why. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have 5 for 6 from 3 game lurking in him and the Laker’s perimeter defense is very bad. My personal gamble for the night.

Small Forward

1. Kevin Durant- The Lakers are playing better and the Thunder are the opposite of hot, meaning the game could stay close. If it does, the Lakers have no one to guard KD and he’ll get 40 minutes of run.

2. Paul Pierce- Always gets his shots, always a solid play. If you don’t spend on Durant, Pierce is a nice consolation prize.

3. Corey Brewer- The Nuggets are going to run the Kings out of the building and Brewer is running on a hot streak at the moment. (Also..UGH at this slate of games.)

Value Play: Dorell Wright is coming off a few good games and his size will present a problem for the Celtics.

Power Forward

1. DeMarcus Cousins- Playing Cousins is always a risk. He might get benched, or ejected or any number of non-fantasy point producing options. However, Kenneth Faried, Kosta Kufos and JaVale McGee are not in Cousins league physically.

2. Kenneth Faried- Faried’s points rarely come from jumpers within the flow of the offense or pick and rolls. He grabs rebounds and putbacks, and dunks on transition. There will be plenty of turnovers and plenty of transition for Faried against the Kings.

3. Jason Thompson- When you are playing Jason Thompson, it is a light night in the league. I don’t like the Lakers’ guys’ as anything but value plays, Serge Ibaka is too pricey and Garnett is not going to get the run needed. This is more about them than it is Thompson.

Value Play- Antawn Jamison or Earl Clark, whoever is cheaper wherever you play.


Despite living life below the rim, Perkins can still have fantasy impact in the right matchup.

1. Dwight Howard- As much as Perk is labled as the Dwight stopper, there is no one on the OKC roster that can stop a Dwight who is trying.

2. Spencer Hawes- His game to game production varies and defensively, he won’t do much. However, once KG leaves the floor, Hawes will basically have no one guarding him.

3. Kendrick Perkins- WHAT?! Have I lost my mind? No… no, I haven’t. Perkin’s plays more minutes against the Lakers than normal, is dirt cheap everywhere, and can scoop up hustle points and loose balls if given the chance. I don’t feel good about it, but I’m using him on Fanduel.

Value Play: Same as the Lakers, flip a coin between the Nuggets center tandem of Kosta Koufos or JaVale McGee. Personally, I lean McGee, but I understand going with Kosta.

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Davis Mattek is a 20 year old English major at Kansas State University who founded his own website, Sports Wunderkind, late in 2012. In addition to running his own site, Davis is a full-time contributor at Fantasysports.org and a part time contributor at Dynasty League Football, The Fantasy Fix and Rotoviz.

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