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Daily Fantasy Pulse- 3-15

Daily-Fantasy-PulseYesterday’s Studs

Tim Duncan- On a  paltry day with only two games, Duncan had one of his best daily fantasy games of the year, posting a whopping 52.50 on DraftDay.

Damian Lillard- The most expensive player who didn’t sit out the shootaround, Lillard posted a 26 and 10 double double en route to handing the Knicks their 3rd straight lost.

Yesterday’s Values

Chris Copeland- Copeland ultimately disappointed, not showing the same touch on the offensive end that he did against Golden State, only hitting 3 of his 9 shots.

Iman Shumpert- Shump was equally disappointing, posting a mere 10 points on DraftDay and also going 3/9 from the floor.

Today’s Plays

Point Guards

1. John Wall- Wall’s price and New Orlean’s poor point guard defense makes him a very attractive play in all formats.

2. Russell Westbrook- Still very expensive on Fanduel and other sites, but where you can get him for a bargain due to a few subdued games, you have to play him in a great matchup against Orlando.

3. Ricky Rubio- On possibly the hottest run of his career against a team that just isn’t interested in limiting the number of possessions or playing defense.

Value Play: Pick your poison between Mike James and Shaun Livingston, both dirt cheap and actually playing against each other.

Shooting Guards

Dion Waiters is a top Daily NBA Fantasy play.

1. Dwayne Wade- Just playing too good right now for him to be faded. Lebron seems to be focusing less on scoring and Wade is assuming those responsibilities. Not like Monta is interested in guarding, either.

2. Klay Thompson- Marco Belinelli and Nate Robinson are going to have their hand fulls trying to guard Klay and Steph after the lashes they got from Thibs after the blowout loss to the Kings. I like Thompson’s chances of getting hot tonight.

3. Dion Waiters- Kyrie sits, Waiters start on your fantasy team. Rinse, repeat.

Value Play: Wes Johnson is maybe the only player you can trust to get minutes in the Suns’ current mess of a rotation.

Small Forwards

1. Kevin Durant- In the battle of Lebron Vs. Durant, I give Durant the edge tonight. Durant simply hasn’t been playing well since the break and Thunder have to make a serious push to get the one seed. I expect Durant to come out firing for at least 3 quarters.

2. Chandler Parsons- Really like Parsons’ chances of taking advantage of Minnesota’s horrible wings tonight.

3. Luol Deng- Didn’t work Tuesday, but his price is getting so cheap that it is hard not to want to play him. Players who strike gold with Deng on the right night are going to be rewarded.

Value Play: Not sure if Tobias Harris still counts as a value, but even playing against Durant and Ibaka, he is in all my lineups.

Power Forwards

1. Al Horford- With Josh Smith out or dinged, Horford will pick up extra shots in a plus matchup versus Phoniex.

2. Amir Johnson- Down goes Bargs, up goes the minutes for Amir against a really, really bad Charlotte team.

3. Tristan Thompson- I really love this set of power forwards tonight. If you play on Draft Street or other sites with utility slots, consider these guys highly valuable plays. Thompson gets a great matchup against Dallas, I expect him to succeed.

Value Play: Derrick Williams should rack up points against Houston, just based on volume alone.


1. Marc Gasol- Gasol against Denver is as solid of a play as there is.

2. Joakim Noah- An absolute must play against a terrible soft Golden State front court.

3. Omer Asik- Steisma and Chris Johnson can’t stop the Turkish Hammer.

Value Play: Jonas Valanciunus is a relatively unstable option, but he is going to get at least 30 minutes of playing time. No reason not to run him out there.

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