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Ask Your Fantasy Football Pony: Chris Meyers

“Yeah sure preseason football is on but I am watching Peter Pan return to never land with my daughter’s. I am a good dad right?”

I have two choices with fellow interviewers in the industry. I can pull the “get off my corner” line, but I’m not quite intimidating enough to pull it off. Otherwise I can be supportive, so that’s what I’ll be of Chris Meyers, who added me to his Interrogate the Industry series recently and seems like a nice fella.

I have to start with the obvious question: What’s up with the Twitter handle? Ha ha ha, it is a nickname that has stuck with me since middle school. My buddies and I were listening to NWA and playing some Bulls vs Lakers on the Sega Genesis. We jokingly came up with “rap” names and I chose Chillpony since it combined cool with harmless. Corny, but hey so am I.

Are you worried at all that by listing some of your sleepers at Fake Pigskin that people are going to snipe those guys in drafts with you? Somewhat, but not really. There is so much talent in the middle rounds this season and I always have a backup plan. I also don’t think most of my “leaguemates” read my work, or visit the sites I write for. It must be a pride thing :) If I really want a player, I will reach if I feel the time is right. If I do get sniped, I usually get angry with myself.

How’d you get the interview beat with Mr. Gonos? Do you have a dream interview subject? I started writing for Gonos this offseason in baseball. [Zach note: Bais-ball? Does not compute.] I reached out to him and he gave me a writing challenge so to speak. He liked my submission and I have been writing for him ever since. I can’t thank David enough for his support, feedback, and the help he given me allowing me to branch out and hone my craft with one of the absolute best in the industry.

I have become so busy as of late, that I narrowed down my posts on davidgonos.com to the Interrogate the Industry series, but will be cranking out more material soon.

The interview concept was just something I wanted to do because there are so so many in the industry, and many of them are unique and interesting people. I wanted to help humanize them, as well as utilize their knowledge and areas of expertise for readers too.

I think it is far too easy for people to only ask questions on twitter, article comment sections, and blame others while not realizing most of us are doing this for free, have lives and families and hobbies besides Fantasy sports. [Zach note: Emphasis on "most".] Perhaps some more than others, but I like to try and get to know others in the process and it seems to be a successful series so far.

We were in the Scott Fish Bowl together. How’d you enjoy that draft and do you feel like your chances are good for success? I was beyond excited to be a part of this especially considering I am still a relative rookie to the industry. The concept is awesome, and it is a great way to connect many of us in one gigantic league. The draft was very fun and kind of amazing that it worked so well with so many owners. Once our draft started moving it went smoothly.

I really like my team but drafted with my typical style and took some risks. My upside is very high but I have plenty of risk as well. Whether it is Percy Harvin, Carson Palmer or Gio Bernard the payoff could be huge, or it could backfire. I should be in the hunt if the injury bug doesn’t bite me.

Is it dangerous at all to fall in “fantasy love” with players on your own NFL team like Kyle Rudolph? I think it definitely can be. In fantasy especially it is both fun to have some of your favorite players on your squads, but if you invest too heavily, reach for them in drafts, overspend in auctions, or continue to hold high expectations of them when they simply aren’t performing it is an issue.

Case in point I was in a league with a guy who was a Green Bay Packers’ fan and he bought in to the Jermichael Finley hype every season. It was there EVERY season, and even though he was disappointing to non-existent he wouldn’t drop him. That sort of scenario is when it can be negative.

I am very high on Rudolph this season but I just can’t reach for him more than a round or so of his ADP 90 or so (Unless I know he isn’t coming back to me).

I’m about to do a keeper league, our once in four years redraft. Would you worry at all about the long-term prospects of Adrian Peterson, seeing as I’d have to use a high first-round pick to get him? That is a tough one, but I don’t think I would worry. He has proven he can dominate year in and year out and even huge injuries couldn’t slow him down. He is getting up there in running back age, but I think he has at least a few more top 5 seasons left in him. [Zach note: Cue the Neo "whoa".] The Vikings will continue to run him in to the ground, and he will catch some more passes this season. I would strongly consider a player like Eddie Lacy and the other big three ( Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy,and Matt Forte) over him, but I wouldn’t worry if I ended up drafting him. Others may avoid him because of his age which can be a bonus as well.

Is there one league that you want to win the most? As much as it frustrates me at times my work league seems to be the one I worry about the most. It is nearly impossible to make changes to scoring, rosters and even trades can be difficult. I talk plenty of trash and have never won the league in my five years now being in it. I see most of the guys every day, so it adds to the fun and competitiveness. Many of them know I write so I am an easy target and called the word I really don’t like “Expert”. This will be the year I dominate.

I have a feeling however the Scott Fish Bowl may be a close second this season.

What’s the day job? I work in Supply Chain/Site Logistics for Dow Chemical. Shipping primarily. Nothing exciting, but I get to drive a forklift…..Something I envisioned myself doing years ago in college getting my degree in Child Development.

The spouse question: Does your wife have any issues with your football obsession? Not really, she is a very good sport. If I am checking scores at the dinner table, or ignoring her however….. She knows that during Vikings games I will not be pulled away unless it is very extreme circumstances. The Fantasy part of it is a little more sketchy. I can’t really get away with watching three games, or live scoring all day Sundays.

She is actually in our home Baseball and Football league, so that helps a tad too. She even understands and lets me “schedule” times to try and write. No complaints.

Football or sex: Which do you think of more? Easy one. Sex. In fact I even think about it during football sometimes. I love my Vikings, but I guess you could say I can get easily distracted. [Zach note: Must be the dude with the big horn.]

What’s your usual Sunday football tradition? Is there a go-to beer? Usually pretty basic. I get caught up on Fantasy Football Weekly podcast, eat and then watch the game with the computers open to live scoring, or NFL Sunday Ticket. I typically watch in the comforts of at home so I can do laundry, or do something semi-productive while the game is on.

As for beer I enjoy almost anything but IPAs. I like most microbrews over your standard Coors light, but will still drink them to keep my throat wet. My favorite beers are Newcastle, Fat Tire, Spotted Cow, and Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout. Oatmeal stouts are amazing but pretty heavy. [Zach note: I can work with this guy.]

Which football writers are on your must-read list? David Gonos, Michael Pichan, Eric Hardter, Fantasy Douche, the entire Rotoviz staff and fakepigskin staff, Paul Charchian and Bretsky Ball. Fantasyrundown.com is awesome at linking the best every day so they are essential in my book too. I read a ton, and have too many to list. Those above are my absolute faves.

Tell me about a hobby/interest outside of football. Hmm, having kids really changes a lot. I used to play video games and run, but those things have really dwindled down since my family has grown. I guess reading and watching TV shows are kind of my biggest time suck now besides writing, family and fantasy sports. There is a ton of great television right now so it is hard to decide what to watch when the precious time is available.

Let me know about any sites/podcasts/contests that you’d like to ‘plug’. I am currently writing for davidgonos.com, faketeams.com and fakepigskin.com. I also joined the up and coming skyllzone writing staff for this upcoming fantasy football season, so that should keep me plenty busy.

For podcasts I really enjoy Fantasy Football Weekly, 4th down Fantasy Football Podcast (I hope it is back this season), Under the Helmet and Living the Stream.

For baseball it is only Dear Mr Fantasy (which I am appearing on this week Monday 8/4/14), Boxscore Baseball, Fantasy Alarm and the Sirius XM shows.

MFL10’s at myfantasyleague.com are like an addictive narcotic for me. I just started them this season, and only plan on doing 10, but it is hard to restrain myself from joining more. They are great because for most drafting and enacting strategies are the best part of fantasy football. That is all they are, and you don’t need to worry about weekly lineups, or injuries (too much) since they are best-ball format.

Skyllzone.com and Sportstradex.com are two of my favorite DFS sites to play on as well.

Thanks Chris for joining me for interview time. Follow Chris on Twitter.

If you want to check out my interview work of the past, you can get There Is No Offseason: The First 50 Interviews from the Ask Your FF Expert Series, and There Still Is No Offseason: Interviews 51-100 of the Ask Your FF Expert Series.

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