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7 Resources for Late in your Fantasy Football Draft

I think it goes something along the lines of, you can’t win your league in the first round of your fantasy football draft, but you can lose it. Likewise, you’re not going to lose a league in the late rounds of your fantasy football draft, but you might make a pick that helps you win it all.

In competitive leagues you’ll need to make every pick count and there are a lot of great free resources to help you in the later rounds of your fantasy football draft. Furthermore, a lot of these resources will help you throughout your fantasy football draft.

Fantasy Football Calculator ADP Data and Charts

Want to know if your late round sleeper is on anyone else’s radar? Check and see if he is trending upwards here and chart his ADP over the past week, month, or the entire year. Additionally, you can also chart a specific time period.

Ronnie Hillman serves as an excellent example. On August 4th he landed atop the Broncos’ running back depth chart and accordingly his ADP is on the rise.


This is valuable information and helpful throughout your fantasy football draft, but it can prove vital in the home stretch. If you’re set on Hillman, for example, you know that you’d be wise to reach earlier now, than you would have had to in the middle of July. Joseph Randle is just the opposite, as his ADP is dropping.

Fake Football, Real Questions

The crew at The Fake Football has had this series going strong for 3 months and this particular edition focuses on Deep Sleepers at Running Back and Wide Receiver.

Who would you take between Latavius Murray, Daniel Thomas, Mike Goodson, Joique Bell?

What about, Stephen Hill, Markus Wheaton, Robert Woods, Brandon LaFell?

The Staff at The Fake Football breaks it all down for you.

2013 Offensive Line Rankings from DavidGonos.com

Got a toss up for your late round QB? Perhaps consulting these Offensive Line rankings pushes Brandon Weedon over Philip Rivers. Or earlier in your draft these rankings could help a coin flip running back decision.

But, where these might really come in handy is with a late round Team Defense and Special Teams selection. Are the Rams worth a reach with 4 excellent matchups in the first 5 weeks?

Or what about the Denver Broncos who get 4 games against the horrible Chargers and Raiders Offensive Lines? Even better, the Patriots’ entire division is in the bottom half of the rankings.

If you’re planing to stream defenses throughout the season, this is a resource to bookmark and keep an eye on early in the season.

Late Round Targets: Difference between Winning or Losing

Charles Murphy from Football.com looks at 7 Running Backs, 8 Wide Receivers and 5 Tight Ends to target late in your Fantasy Football Draft.

Fantasy Football Draft: Late Round Lottery Tickets

A part of the Fantasy Sports Locker Room’s 2013 Fantasy Football Draft Guide, I looked at deep sleepers and long shot lottery tickets.

Most are going undrafted currently, but if a few things fall into place, or there are injuries, these guys could gain fantasy relevancy.

Matchup Analysis and Game by Game Projections

Dour Orth from Fantasy Football Today has complied a fantastic resource that takes Matchup Analysis and Projections to a new level, breaking down each player and every game. The pages are setup by Conference and Division:

East Division | West Divisions | North Divisions | South Divisions

APEX Fantasy Football Projections

Sign up to their mailing list and you’ll receive your own spreadsheet with Mike Braude’s projections. Even better, it is fully editable, customizable and user-friendly.

Furthermore, Mike has players broken down by position, in addition to his Player-by-Player analysis and Team-by-Team breakdowns. He also has draft value notes, which highlight sleepers, busts and more. The information is endless, 19 different statistics that are sortable with the click of a mouse and the projections are even explained in the Player-by-Player analysis.

Since subscribing, I have received so many updates that I cannot even count them all. This is a great resource.

There are surely more, what did I leave off? Do you have a particular late round strategy? Please share any other late round Fantasy Football Draft links and comments below.

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