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Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

8 More Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools: Part 3

Are you sick of dominating your drafts? I didn’t think so. After the first two parts of this series, I figure you’re probably even hungrier to find some more great free Fantasy Football draft tools.

Once again, these tools aren’t ranked in any specific order, but they are spread out so that some of my favorites are actually on each of these articles. I’m weird like that. But I really wanted you to see all of them, so I didn’t just put all the best ones up front.

Besides, you might not like my favorites, and you might get more use out of some of the others.

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools: Part IPart IIPart IV – Part V

8 More Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

Please, send me some of your favorite tools that I might not have mentioned yet. I know there are tons out there, and I really want this list to be comprehensive. Either email me or just comment on the bottom of this page.

17. FFToolbox Fantasy Strength of Schedule

Another great tool – although this one actually helps you in-season as well. Obviously, it tells you which teams have the best schedules for which Fantasy positions. In other words, right off the bat, you learn that Tony Romo has the easiest schedule for quarterbacks because he faces the defenses that gave up the most Fantasy points to QBs last year.

You can also use this tool to break down who has the easiest/toughest Fantasy schedules for the first five weeks of the season if you want. (The Bengals’ RBs face the third-toughest schedule to start the season, but then from Weeks 6-10, they face the seventh-easiest schedule for RBs.)

18. DraftCalc.com Draft Pick Trade Calculator

Does your league allow trading of draft picks? This handy dandy free tool allows you to figure out the correct value you should receive in a draft pick trade. You can even do 2-for-1 deals if you want. Trading draft picks is always a little tricky, but this should give you a good basis.

19. TheWarRoom.com’s Fantasy Feed

TheWarRoom.com - Fantasy football draft toolsThis allows you to filter rankings, sleepers, busts, injury news, player updates and articles from 50 of the best sources on the web. You’ll also get a feed with real-time tweets about any player you want from the top Fantasy analysts and beat writers.

20. FantasySharks.com Draft Predictor

Very cool app that predicts what’s going to happen in the coming rounds, based on what happened earlier. It forecasts who will probably get picked over the next two rounds, so you’ll always have an idea of which players might make it to your next pick.

While this tool is actually a pay app, the demo is free for the first four rounds.

21. FantasyKnuckleheads.com’s NFL Targets Reports

Predraft analysis can get pretty tedious, but going the extra mile pays off big time. Using target reports can help you notice trendy QB favorites and or highlighted players in an offense. Target reports are especially helpful during the season when scouting rising players, especially during Weeks 1-4.

22. KFFL.com’s Player Trade Analyzer

This tool is awesome because it has some depth to it. It’s not just a “Is this guy worth trading for this guy” kinda tool. First, you set how many players you start at each position, with default settings already plugged in, and then you insert up to five players for Team 1 and then up to five players for Team 2 – then analyze!

23. FootballGuys.com’s “Rate My Team” Tool

Pretend you have a pocket-sized Mel Kiper look over your Fantasy Football team. (I’m not sure why he has to be pocket-sized, but it sounds more fun that way.) You show him your team – and he breaks down how you did, explaining your strengths and weaknesses, points out some players you’re counting on that really shouldn’t even be owned, and he mocks you for passing up on Trent Dilfer. The “Rate My Team” tool really is super easy to use, and you gain a TON of information out of it. It helps you set up your team to dominate any possible trades, also.

Heck, it even tells you the percentage of likelihood that you’ll end up making it into the playoffs. That’s 100-percent awesome.

24. CBSSports.com’s Fantasy Football Podcast

Full disclosure: The guys on this podcast are my friends. I play softball with Jamey Eisenberg, I used to eat wings with Dave Richard, I drink beers with Nando Di Fino and I’ve dunked on Adam Aizer in basketball. (One of these things is a lie.) So I thoroughly enjoy listening to these guys joke around and talk Fantasy Football every day.

But I also believe they are very entertaining, even if you don’t make fun of them regularly in person.

Free fantasy Football Draft tools - CBSSportsMy only complaint with their show, which they immediately listened to with fervor, is that they’ll read off a list of names so fast, the listener doesn’t always get a chance to process all the players before they’re analyzes. For instance, they might say, “A reader wants to know, which three of these wide receivers should he start: Danario Alexander, Justin Blackmon, Anquan Boldin, Jeremy Maclin or Mike Williams?” Then, while you are processing all the players, the teams they play on and the opponents they are playing, the analysts answer immediately. The fun part of listening to these podcasts, or reading email advice articles is finding out if your advice would have been the same as the expert’s.

Regardless, these guys have a ton of fun on the podcast and it’s evident. You’ll be imagining Aizer doing the podcast with a preppie sweater loosely tied around his neck in no time. (He doesn’t wear one, but you still kinda imagine it.)

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools: Part I —Part II — Part IV – Part V

How are you liking these tools so far? Comment and let me know! These guys do a ton of work, and I’d love to relay which tools you love the most. I’ll be back next week for eight more free Fantasy Football draft tools.

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