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Places to Get Your Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings

Ah, yes, more dynasty talk. The dynasty coverage shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it’s one of the up-and-coming year-long fantasy formats, especially among diehards. Dynasty gives owners the experience of managing a team year-round. More importantly, for football lovers, it’s fun. But if you’re new, where can you find fantasy football dynasty rankings?

Don’t worry, there’s lots of options for your dynasty rankings. The only hard part is choosing which one you want to use in your draft. Below are some of the best dynasty rankings out there, in no particular order.

15 Fantasy Football Dynasty Ranking Sources

Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings

1. DynastyLeagueFootball.comI’ve addressed these rankings multiple times over the past weeks. The most in-depth that you can get with dynasty rankings. Blurbs on nearly every player from six different analysts.

You shouldn’t expect anything else from  a website with name like DynastyLeagueFootball. Unlike some fantasy football dynasty rankings, these are updated frequently. My go-to dynasty rankings.


2. FantasyProsIf you’re not familiar with what FantasyPros does with their rankings, then you’re doing fantasy football wrong. FantasyPros takes various expert’s rankings and generates a consensus set of rankings. From those lists. From dynasty, there were 31 experts who submitted dynasty rankings, including our very own David Gonos, as well as DLF, FootballGuys, and many other writers. It’s fun to play around with, as you can pick and choose your experts, and a definitely a good resource


3. Dynasty Football Warehouse - The top and probably the only legitimate competitor to DLF. Just as DLF, DFW has consensus rankings that are broken down into their experts. This includes rookies, IDP, and typical dynasty ranks.


4. Fantasy Sharks – “Holy…,” He said after seeing the Fantasy Sharks rankings page. “Woah.” Well, that about sums it up. This rankings page is epic. Firstly, tabs at the top allow you to switch between dynasty and re-draft, PPR or non-PPR, and positions, including IDPs. Four experts — Joshua Simmons, Douh Coutts, Mark Chamberlin, and Jack Hower — collaborate for collective rankings, and the Sharks’ projections adds a fifth leg.

However, you can decided to take one (or two, or three) of the experts out of the consensus rankings. There are tiers here to keep the rankings nice and organized! My favorite. Lastly, hovering over a player will give you a detailed projection for the upcoming season and clicking on said player will take you to a player profile. These are the most thorough and maybe even exhaustive rankings.


5. Sports Wunderkind - Coleman Kelly – who somehow has only managed 716 followers, an incoherently low number for the work he does — has put together some impressive rankings here. Very in-depth with breakdowns on many players that they like or dislike based on, you guessed it: stats. There’s also a nice blurb on every player. Very nice set, although they are broken down into separate pages, and wide receivers and tight ends have not yet been published.


6. The Fake FootballLinked is Jeff Brubach‘s quarterback dynasty rankings, which then links to running backs, wide receiver, and tight end rankings. The staff at Fake Football puts together quite the Google Docs sheet, and Brubach’s blurbs for each player are some of the biggest I’ve seen.


7. Razz Ball - Murph has some of the most in-depth rankings that I’ve seen. He ranks quarterbacks and tight ends all the way to 60, and running backs and wide receivers to 100. Each one of the pages listed below has a lot of extra fluff before you get to the rankings. And who doesn’t love extra fluff?


8. FFToolboxI couldn’t exclude the great Michael Bronte in this one! Bronte has dynasty ranks for quarterbacks, running backs, wide receiver, and tight ends. Although it’s not particularly in-depth, each player is listed with his age,  a blurb, and a link to his FFToolbox player profile.


9. ProFootballFocusHave a PFF Fantasy Gold subscription? Then these ranks are for you. PFF hosts both PPR and non-PPR dynasty rankings here.


10. FFTodayIt was a nice surprise to see these rankings from Doug Orth. The rankings are tiered out, and below go very in-depth into each tier. Orth also includes his criteria for ranking players in dynasty fantasy football in each division. For example, quarterbacks include age, supporting cast, talent, durability, consistency, and coaching or schemes. A very detailed set of rankings.


11. Revelation Sports  - Found of Revel Sports, Nathan Miller, has a rankings page here that’s smooth and is easy on the eyes. Miller also throws in a blurb every now and then. Quick and easy to look at.


12. Dynasty Sports EmpireUpdated on July 24, DSE brings Wayne Bretsky, Colin Pratt and Chris Meyers to rank all of your typical fantasy football positions. No IDP here, but solid and clean consensus rankings.


13. The HuddleAlthough as of this writing, these rankings have not been updated in sometime, this is your best bet for a printed cheat sheet. Easy to read and a printable page from John Tuvey here.


14. CBSSports - Jamey Eisenberg does a great job with these rankings. While it’s not as in-depth as DLF, there is much more analysis from Eisenberg in a clean format. These also are a bit dated, as they were last posted on July 11.


15. ESPNHere Christopher Harris dishes out his top 200 keeper league rankings (notice, not the same as dynasty rankings), which are unsortable and not very in-depth. ESPN could do better, but it’s interesting to see them support the keeper leagues.


Tell Us About Your Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings Source

Which one of these sites do you use for your fantasy football dynasty rankings? There are many more than I listed, do you use another site? Each is so different not only in format but in the rankings themselves!

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