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Week 7 Start or Sit

10 Solid Week 7 Start or Sit Columns

When you read through these Week 7 start or sit columns for Fantasy Football, you’ll no doubt be happy to see many of your players listed as starts, and mad to see some of your players as sits. Unfortunately, it happens — to nearly everyone.

Although, in my Week 7 Start ‘em, Sit ‘em column on SI.com, I had a reader tell me something differently.

“This guy recommends starting EVERYBODY. every week he wants me to start all 4 of my RB’s and all 5 of my WR’s” — MikeM3 commented.

When I do my Start/Sit columns, I do my best to only suggest about 25-30 running backs and 25-30 wide receivers each week.

David, you ask, why do you not just suggest 24 players at each of those positions, since each Fantasy team starts just two RBs or two WRs?

Good question!

Nick Foles, Week 7 Start or Sit

Eagles QB Nick Foles is a popular pick among many of the Week 7 Start or Sit columns. Photo Credit: Matthew Straubmuller

The reason I do this is because it’s very, very, very rare that the top 24 running backs are owned by 12 different teams. In other words, there are some teams with three of those top 24 guys, and there might be a few teams with just one of those top 24 running backs. So I expand it a little for that reason.

Also, if you wanted to see the top 24 suggested players — just look at our rankings!

And for MikeM3, I sincerely doubt he owns four of the top 25-30 RBs and five of the top 25-30 WRs. If he does, then he probably plays in a six-team league, which is what I implied in my response. Good for him — but don’t give me crap in my column because you don’t play in a deep league or against good competition.

Glad that’s off my chest — let’s see who everyone likes in their own Week 7 start or sit columns!

Week 7 Start or Sit Columns

If you know of some Week 7 start  or sit columns I’m missing, please comment below, or tweet me @DavidGonos and let me know. I’d love to make this a regular column each week. I’m also going to suggest just one Start/Sit column per website (Sorry, Bleacher Report).

SportsIllustrated.com by David Gonos

The Fat Man likes Cowboys rookie RB Joseph Randle — and he paid a hefty price for him in this week’s FLEX: Fantasy League of Experts’ FAAB bidding. Bleacher Report’s Eric Mack and I discuss Randle’s value in our podcast this week, The Fantasy Fatcast. We also do an in-season Rookie Draft to see where rookies are valued for the rest of the season.

CBSSports.com by Jamey Eisenberg

Eisenberg is also a big fan of Jay Cutler, but he warns against starting Stevan Ridley, who faces a very tough Jets rushing defense.

BleacherReport.com by Eric Mack

Emack suggests starting both Chargers running backs, Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead, but he warns against starting both Falcons running backs, Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling.

NFL.com by Michael Fabiano

Fabs likes Bills RB Fred Jackson as one of his “Starts of the Week,” but he wants you to be cautious with Texans WR Andre Johnson, who will have Case Keenum as his quarterback.

NumberFire.com by J.J. Zachariason

The Late Round QB guy likes Eli Manning, another late-round QB, but he’s not a fan of Browns RB Willis McGahee, who’s going up against the Packers .

NationalFootballPost.com by Joe Fortenbaugh

Fortenbaugh likes Eagles QB Nick Foles one week after he had a big game in place of Michael Vick. But he’s not so keen on Steelers RB Le”Veon Bell, who faces a tough Ravens defense that he says allows fewer Fantasy points to running backs than any other NFL team.

TheFantasyFix.com by Brett Talley

Going against the grain, Talley does not think you should start Lions QB Matthew Stafford against Cincinnati, but you should be OK with Jets RB Bilal Powell against New England.

TheFakeFootball.com by Mike Braude

The Bills-Dophins game has a few interesting Fantasy options, but Braude thinks you should start Mike Wallace, coming off the bye week, but sit Bills WR Stevie Johnson, who is still dealing with quarterback issues.


These guys list Rams rookie RB Zac Stacy as a suggested start, despite the fact he’s going up against a Panthers defense that’s allowing fewer than 90 rushing yards per game. They do like Vikings WR Greg Jennings with a new quarterback and a pretty good matchup against a bad Giants pass defense.

FantasyPros911.com by Dan Stack

Stack suggests you start all three Giants wide receivers, who will be facing the Vikings’ 28th-ranked pass defense. But steer clear of 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick against Tennessee.

Hope you liked this roundup of all the Week 7 Start or Sit columns. Feel free to post your comments below in case I missed any!

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