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10 IDP Fantasy Football Sites to Check Out

Individual Defensive Player (IDP) fantasy football. It’s one way to make fantasy football all that more exciting, all that more interesting. But if you’re new to IDP it can be tough going. The mainstream sites – ESPN, NFL.com, Yahoo!, and others – hardly touch on IDP because, quite honestly, it’s not as popular as your typical, sissy offense-only league.

It takes extra work. The extra work includes the work that others can do for you (and me). Online, resources are nearly endless and usually free. It just takes some work to find those resources. But today’s your lucky day. All those resources are right here. In fact, we’re going to take a look at 10 of those resources right…..now.

IDP Fantasy Football Sites

IDP Guru

This four-man staff is quite the group. Owner Ryan Sitzmann has put together a site that is the IDP mecca of the internet. The home page says it all. IDP rookies, sleepers, rankings for each position, notable free agents, a breakdown of defensive coordinators and schemes, every down linebackers; anything you ask for, Sitzmann and his staff have it.

For $5, you can buy the 2013 Fantasy Football Draft Guide. With blurbs on every player, offense and defense, it’s the most in-depth IDP guide I’ve seen. And it’s unlike most draft guides that are published in the early Summer and never updated. Just like the site, it includes rankings, sleepers and rookies, with a more in-depth look at each. This is far and away the top IDP site on the web.


While RW has some IDP analysis from the great Jeff Ratcliffe and others, which is always fantastic. But what I’m really coming here for is the news. RW has the best news aggregation out there. Whatever or whoever you need to find, just search the data base or set filters on the “Player News” tab (linked above) and you will find it. No one else does news quite like these guys.

(As a quick note, FootballGuys also has a great news blog on their site as well, but it doesn’t have analysis as deep as what RW does.)


Another website dedicated to all IDP, all the time. Gary Davenport has quite the site here. As of now, Davenport is breaking down each and every NFL team on the defensive side on the ball by position. Every single one has some interesting and much needed nuggets if you’re serious about IDP. A constant for any IDP player.

Football Guys

If you don’t have a FBG subscription, you should. With the membership, you’re immersed into a world of an indisposable amount of football info. However, most content is subscription-only. If you do have a subscription, all it takes is a simple search for “IDP” to bring up in-depth articles from Jene Bramel, John Norton, and other experts. The FBG podcast — “The Audible” – is also a great source for all things fantasy, including some IDP here and there.

Pro Football Focus

PFF helps me with my dynasty teams. After buying a premium account, you can view player graeds, in-depth stats, and how they stack up among the rest of the league, for both offense and defense. For dynasty, you get an idea of what players are good at “real football”, and not just fantasy, a big deal when it comes to dynasty leagues.

There’s also great analysis from various writers here based solely on IDP fantasy football that do the analysis for you.  Lastly, PFF has an awesome podcast, “The Nickel”, which is always informative.

Draft Sharks

Draft Sharks is an up and coming site that has done a nice job a variety of fantasy football topics. On top of a constant flow of news from all across the league, from both sides of the ball, the team at Draft Sharks offers IDP projections, some of the most accurate in the business. In fact, the projections were so accurate that the team won the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Projection Accuracy Award for their work overall in both 2010 and 2012.

Bottom line: they know how to rank players and they know their stuff. Hope on board now, while they’re still relatively quiet.

Dynasty League Football

First and foremost, DLF has established themselves as the go-to site for dynasty football. To add onto that, the staff has very detailed composite and individual rankings in a clean and easy to read format. These rankings break down into many categories including top rookies, IDP, average draft position, and many more. You’ll also find IDP articles on the site from time to time.


FantasyPros takes their game to a whole other level with their IDP rankings. Just like their expert-collaborative offensive player rankings, there is a mix on many different rankings into one consensus IDP list. Very unique and fun to get an idea of how various experts are seeing it.


ESPN quietly does a very nice job at covering IDPs. For starters, they have their top 150 IDPs ranked where the standard league rankings are on their site, so you don’t have to dig. On top of rankings, Jim McCormick had already dove into his IDP strategy for 2013. In fact, McCormick does most of the IDP work for ESPN, and his content isn’t bested by many.

Punch Drunk Wonderland

Want to join an IDP league? You can sign up here and you’ll get in one, defense only, for only $10 a pop. This site also has some sweet position by position rankings with auction values, which are updated frequently.

As you can see, there are lots of IDP Fantasy Football sites around the Internet, although, it takes some digging to get to. Some of you may have never heard of these sites. And that’s a good thing. Because these people focus on and know their IDP Fantasy Football. Did I leave any out? What do you use for your IDP info? Let me hear it on Twitter or in the comments below!

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