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Fantasy Football leagues with prizes

10 Fantasy Football Leagues with Prizes to Check Out

Every Fantasy Football season, we find ourselves getting more and more excited as Draft Day nears. Then after we choose our players (usually too early because we goaded our commissioner into moving the draft up a couple weeks earlier), we find ourselves in no-man’s land. No games to watch. No drafts to do. So here’s what you do – join a few of these Fantasy Football leagues with prizes and make yourself a better player!

10 Different Fantasy Football Leagues with Prizes

Some of these leagues give cash prizes and some give out other cool things.

FootballGuys Players Championship

They’re calling it the “world’s largest online tournament,” with over $1.2 million in prizes, and an overall champion taking home a cool quarter million!

The entry fees are steep ($350!), but there are multi-team discounts, and there are a ton of winners beyond just your 12-team league’s champion ($1,500). If you make it into the championship rounds, the top 100 bring home cash, with the next top 100 getting a free entry into the 2014 contest, then the 201st to 280th-place finishers get a lifetime subscription to FootballGuys.com, and the 281st to 400th- place finishers get a three-year FootballGuys subscription.

Fantasy Football Players Championship

Are you a high roller? Then walk right this way, sir.

This site has a ton of different big-money leagues, as well as some cool regular-guy leagues, with entry fees dipping down to $77, $150, $250 and $500.

If you have an extra $10 lying around, you can join the High Society tournament. Oh, and you can loan me $1,000, just for fun.

They also use, in separate leagues, Victory Points scoring, which rewards the highest scoring and consistently high scoring teams. It also rewards teams that score the second-most points one week – and then lose.

Draft Masters Fantasy Football

RTSports.com hosts several Draft Masters leagues with different tiers of cash prizes. These leagues are pretty awesome because you draft your team – and that’s it. “All the fun of drafting, no daily management.”

You’ll draft 20 rounds of players, and the highest scoring team at season’s end – is the champ! These are 10-team leagues, with $19.95, $49.95 and $99.95 entry fees, with champions taking home $100, $300 and $600 respectively. Second place in each league also gets paid out, more than doubling their entry fee.

The National Fantasy Football Championship

These leagues have a bigger profile in baseball, it seems, but they’re big, powered by Stats.com, and they’re celebrating their 10th season!

Welcome to Best Ball play!

For $150, you’ll build a 35-man roster in a 12-team league, with no in-season moves. That means the computer picks your optimal lineup after the week finishes, which means your top scoring players at each position will be inserted into your starting lineup. The winner of these leagues gets $800.

That’s just ONE of their tournaments. They actually have a ton of different ones, and they have TWO main events, with $325,000 up for grabs.

The NFFC Live Event Locations include:

  • New York City: Aug. 30-31
  • Las Vegas: Aug. 30-Sept. 2, Sept. 4-7
  • Chicago: Aug. 30-31
  • Online: Aug. 28-Sept. 7


We talked about these leagues in more detail last week, in Davis Mattek’s piece.

Once again, these leagues let you draft-and-forget, as it plays out on its own throughout the entire NFL regular season, although, they also have traditional MFL10s leagues you can play in also.

For a $10 entry fee, you join a 12-team league – and you have the chance to win $100. It’s a pretty cool, simple setup. You can even choose to play the MFL50s, which costs $50 and pays out $500 to the winner.

FFToolbox.com’s $5 Mock Draft World Championships

Again, this is a fun offseason game that costs you next to nothing, and gives you a chance to win $5,000. You can choose if you want to draft in a PPR league or a non-PPR.

Christian Hardy took a closer look at this contest last week.

The coolest feature here is – if you don’t like the team you ended up drafting at the end of your mock draft, you can start over! For free!

You only submit the mock draft team you’re happy wiith.

NFL.com’s Prize Leagues, including Autographed Memorabilia

NFL ersey - Fantasy Football Leagues with PrizesI just think this is an awesome setup. For $45, you lock in a team in a 10-team standard draft. Winners get a hand-signed NFL jersey by an “NFL star.” Call me a sucker, but that sounds kinda cool. Hopefully, they don’t consider Bilal Powell and NFL star.

If the $45 fee is too much, you can do $25 for the chance to win an autographed football. Again, this is just a cool twist on prize leagues. And I imagine the NFL can get anyone they want for these autographs, so that’s cool.

For just a $10 entry fee, you can play in a league where the prize is a customized championship ring! Sounds weird, but kinda cool. If you’re just playing for fun, this seems like a cool league setup to try. Rookies and newbies should give this a shot!

They also have the Fantasy NFL Perfect Challenge. Pick the perfect lineup in any week of the season, and you could win some great prizes or possibly the $1 million grand prize. It’s free to play!

CDMSports.com’s Football Challenge

For over 20 years, these guys have been putting together great salary cap games, with Rotisserie-style scoring. For $39.95, you’ll grab a team and have a chance to win a $25,000 cash grand prize. The top 100 teams each cash, and the top 15 finishers are guaranteed to win at least $2,000.

CBSSports.com’s Prize Leagues

If you like drafting on CBSSports.com, then you want to stay comfortable with your money leagues. You can join public prize leagues here, with entry fees ranging from $39.99 to $999.99, and first-place prizes ranging from $200 to $5,000.

These are 12-team leagues, in non-PPR scoring formats, and you can even invite your friends to play in a prize league against you.

You’ll also be automatically entered to get a chance to win $10,000 in prize drawings.

ESPN’s Prize-Eligible Leagues

By playing in some of ESPN’s prize-eligible leagues, you can compete to win the grand prize, which is a Best Buy gift cards worth $3,500, or for second place, $1,000. or $500, for third place.

If you win your league, you’ll get 100 Winner’s Circle points, which can be combined with points from other ESPN games.

You can buy one team for $24.95, three teams for $49.95 or five teams for $69.95 – and if you have an ESPN Insider subscription, you get substantial discounts on your entry fees.

I do plan on drafting in several of these Fantasy Football Leagues with Prizes, so maybe I’ll end up seeing you in the championship game … Take it easy on me!

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